AJ's Father Day Essentials

AJ's Father Day Essentials

Listen, I may not be an expert dad (yet) but when it comes to MUNICIPAL gear, I'm basically a Sport Utility Einstein. Having been with the company since day one, there's nothing I haven't worn less than a dozen times and am keen on which pieces just hit different. Maybe the thing I love most about MUNICIPAL is that depending on who you ask, everyone has a different favorite.

Regardless, now that I have two boys (5 and 3...ohhhh I'm in it baby), I've grown to appreciate the gear's versatility and functionality even more.

Since it's my fifth Father's Day, here's a list of some of my favorite products (no particular order) for active dads who also care about their personal style. *I even threw in a bonus sixth product for good measure...


These have become my daily go-to, esp since the weather is always mild in Oceanside, Calif. As a mesh short purist growing up, these are by far the best I've ever worn. They fit perfect on the waist, three pockets (that's a biggie), and my ideal length (they're about 6" inseam).


One of my favorite tees we make. The fit is awesome, they have our classic logo/SUG lockup on the front, and they wick moisture, which pays off when you're running full speed to keep up with your kiddos.


As someone who is extremely particular about the boxer briefs (just ask our product team...they can attest ), we absolutely knocked it out of the park with Underdog Boxer Briefs. They are just so damn comfortable, have a proper length (hit at mid thigh) and NEVER ride up on my legs. 10/10, no notes.


These kind of snuck up on me since I've been wearing Field Day so much. They might look like a classic golf short but holyyyy sh*tttt I guarantee they're unlike anything you've ever put on. The amount of stretch and comfort they have is seriously astonishing yet they're proper enough to wear just about anywhere. 


Black, grey, mauve...pick a color, any color. These sweatshirts are just an absolute staple for every dad, regardless of the season. Perfect for early morning practices, layering on the golf course (as you can see above, paired with AllShort), and chillier evenings. The best.


If you're like me, comfort is king when it comes to footwear. Of course style counts, but if I can't walk around all day comfortably in a pair of sneakers, I want no part. Fortunately, that's the name of the game with Origin. Don't believe me? It's the only product I've ever seen in my eCom career (10+ years) to have over 600 5-Star reviews. It's crazy but it's true!